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Laurent Haug

June 14 · Issue #15 · View online
News and thoughts on society's ongoing transformation.

Ecommerce is dead
The future of commerce is, well, commerce. Not eCommerce, not mCommerce, but retailers selling their stuff via every possible channel, online and offline.
After opening its first store and launching its own line of essential products (two plays stolen directly from the so-called “traditional retailers” playbook), Amazon is now considering launching a teleshopping show, and will finally pay taxes in Europe. Seems like the company we like to call “the ecommerce giant” is now simply a “commerce giant”, set to compete with the Walmart and Carrefour of this world for the money of shoppers from all generations.
Retail startups understood perfectly that the future offers no distinction between online and offline. Bonobos operates 19 stores, Warby Parker 14, Instacart is claiming they are not here to kill brick and mortar shops, and pharmacy delivery startup PillPack just locked in $50 million to open physical locations.
The future is click and mortar (an expression yet to take off, but with very strong buzzword potential…), which reminds me of this recent interview of CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves, who was answering a question on how much digital had impacted his business. His answer: “at the end of the day, you still have to tell good stories”.
At the end of the day, retail still needs good products, competitive prices, and following people wherever they want to shop. What is true today was true twenty, thirty, fifty years ago. Technology might not be changing our businesses as much as we think.
An effective way to make people think before buying a weapon
Guns with history
Startups, gadgets and tools
Ad filter, browser extension that shows only the best ads
Charlie, impress anyone you meet
Here Active Listening
NextUser, customer lifecycle marketing solution
Watching the watchers
When cameras are not used to spy on citizen, but to make fun of the cops. A Moscow based Italian store developed a unique outdoor ad that can recognize police uniforms. Whenever the cops would appear, the ad would cycle out of its rotating display — hiding the promotion for embargoed products and showing a fake ad instead.
How people queue in Thailand
Further proof you don’t always need technology to innovate. Smartest people on earth. (via reddit)
Russia's Terminator-style killer robot will soon be able to run
China is building the most extensive global commercial-military empire in history
Electromagnetic catapult launches jet fighters in 45 seconds
Intel Capital Creates $125M Fund for Women, Minority-led Startups
This week's link for parents
“It’s not because you’re not interested in technology that technology is not interested in you”
Cory Doctorow, in his amazingly insightful talk on the coming war against our computers at the Long Now Foundation (audio here).
Thank you
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