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Laurent Haug's newsletter, issue #21

A dozen links sent from a fjord in Norway. Wishing you a great week ahead and a lots of sun!

Laurent Haug

July 28 · Issue #21 · View online
News and thoughts on society's ongoing transformation.

A dozen links sent from a fjord in Norway. Wishing you a great week ahead and a lots of sun!

Cory Doctorow on artificial intelligence
Cory is one of today’s most inspiring thinker, and a provocative science fiction writer. His main point: we need artificial intelligences that does not think like humans.
The fear of AIs is way out of proportion to their performance. The Big Data-trawling systems that are supposed to find terrorists or figure out what ads to show you have been a consistent flop. […] Google’s self-driving cars can only operate on roads that humans have mapped by hand, manually marking every piece of street-furniture. The NSA can’t point to a single terrorist plot that mass-surveillance has disrupted. Ad personalization sucks so hard you can hear it from orbit.
We don’t need artificial intelligences that think like us, after all. We have a lot of human cognition lying around, going spare […]. An AI that thinks like a human is a redundant vanity project – a thinking version of the ornithopter, a useless mechanical novelty that flies like a bird.
We need machines that don’t fly like birds. We need AI that thinks unlike humans. For example, we need AIs that can be vigilant for bomb-parts on airport X-rays. Humans literally can’t do this.
Artificial food, coming soon to our plates
World's first artificial cow's milk to hit the market next year
Clara Foods cooks up $1.7M in funding to make egg whites from yeast instead of chickens
Daiya Foods
Beyond Meat
Tiny beating human heart made from scratch
Robotic surgery linked to 144 deaths since 2000
Pro-gamer admits to doping in eSports
Ashley Madison hack could expose 37 million cheaters
Boy scouts of america to allow gay adult leaders
Iowa school district asks principals to wear body cams
Firefighters can't help people in burning cars because of a stupid drone
How to Live with Risks
Cool stuff
The driverless car of 1971, deal with your app uninstalls
ProdPad, product management software
Domo, business intelligence, dashboards, reporting and analytics
Learn how to play poker from the MIT
AguaDrone is a flying fish finder that casts for you
ReWalk unveils new and improved robotic exoskeleton for paraplegics
This week's link for parents
Children with older parents have higher test scores
Thank you
Francesco Magnocavallo (who has the best twitter feed on the evolution and future of media I’ve seen in a long time)
Emily Turretini for mentioning this newsletter in her excellent selection
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