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Laurent Haug's newsletter, issue #23

No issue last week as things got quite out of hand on the work front (more on that coming soon). Good

Laurent Haug

September 6 · Issue #23 · View online
News and thoughts on society's ongoing transformation.

No issue last week as things got quite out of hand on the work front (more on that coming soon). Good luck to all those of you who had to deal with 1000s of emails while coming back from their summer break!

What social networks know about us (continued)
A follow up on that early 2015 meme about how Facebook knows us better than our friends. The Stanford researchers behind that study digged a little deeper, and found that you can predict a) a lot more than was originally thought b) from a lot more sources than originally thought.
“One of our most surprising findings is that we could even predict whether your parents were divorced or not based on your Facebook likes. […] There are many other intimate traits that are also predictable from your digital footprint: smoking, drinking, taking drugs, sexual orientation, religious and political views, and so on. Actually, everything we tried predicting was predictable to some degree, and quite often it was pretty accurate. […]
The second surprising thing is that such a wide range of digital footprints can be used in predictions – even broad measures, such as the number of your friends, number of your likes, how many times you log in to Facebook, how many tweets you have. Each one of those measures is not a very strong predictor of anything on its own. But if you combine many different variables of this kind, each of them slightly predictive, the computer can get a very good idea of who you are.”
Article here, be sure to also check the tool that lets you see what algorithms can deduct from your likes. Sample results below.
Sean Park on financial trends for 2016
I was on interview duty at the recent Anthemis hacking finance retreat, which means I was tasked with having recorded conversations with some of the best innovators in finance (my life is terrible sometimes). The videos are being released progressively, and my discussion with Sean Park is now available. We discussed his view that the future of finance is made of startups and incumbents (a topic we covered previously as long-time subscribers will remember), how innovation is a cultural issue, the difficult relationship between innovation and regulation, and the hottest trends in fintech. This is what he had to say on the latter:
“I think the insurance industry is an industry where there are enormous opportunities to use technology to modernize and disrupt, because a lot of the business models are actually not so wrong, but the working practices and the cultures of these firms are stuck in a world that is a little bit dépassé.
Another area that I’m looking at is SME financial services. Selling to SMEs is hard, because you need to have an enterprise-level solution while selling to millions of customers - if you’re successful. Traditional banks and insurance companies, given their business models, can’t serve these customers profitably”.
Ideas worth sharing
U.S. scientists successfully turn human cancer cells back to normal in process that could ‘switch off’ disease
Smartphones can detect boredom
Senior citizens’ use of computers and mobile phones might shave 10 years off their mental age
Young driver mistakes cassette slot in car for iPhone dock
Hackers steal Gmail login details from Samsung smart fridge
There is a video game where you just grow plants
Incubation, acceleration
Reshma Sohoni on incubation
Rungis & Co
Hardware for Health
Le Monde Festival (25-27 Sept.)
Nipconf (30 Oct.)
Why agriculture needs innovation in finance (21 Sept.)
Cool new stuff
Wise words
Intel unveils new chip design it says will bring more than speed
Harvard launches 'virtual classroom' for students anywhere
Hardware startup Augury nails $7 million series A round
A new app that lets users' friends 'virtually walk them home at night
World’s first grid-connected wave power station switched on in Australia
Saberr, team optimisation
Boeing's 777x will have folding wings
This week's links for parents
Maily, connecting kids with family and friends
Bedtime phenomenon: scientist develops book to send children to sleep in minutes
“Stupidity has a certain charm - ignorance does not.”
Frank Zappa (1940 - 1993)
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