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Laurent Haug's newsletter, issue #28

I tried to make things a bit shorter this week. Book writing is now taking most of my time, so the ne

Laurent Haug

October 22 · Issue #28 · View online
News and thoughts on society's ongoing transformation.

I tried to make things a bit shorter this week. Book writing is now taking most of my time, so the newsletter will take a backseat for a few weeks. Feedback welcome as usual, just hit reply.

You know you live in the 21st century when...
The president of the USA has a team cleaning up his DNA after him
Apple tells judge it can’t unlock new iPhones
The javelin world champion's coach is Youtube
An actress has to prove she didn't have plastic surgery
Sports article feel like financial reports
Volvo announces they are ok to be liable when their autonomous cars cause crashes
Someone says "let me double click on that"
Playboy announces they will no longer feature pictures of naked women
Facebook notifies you of 'State-Sponsored Attacks' on your account
Financial tools used by millennials
From the recent Always in beta report published by Anthemis and Claro partners, here are the tools presented as being used by the younger generation to handle their finances. Interesting stuff to test, probably a lot to learn about how payments/transfers/budgets/etc will be done in the future: for budgeting for investment for peer to peer payment for investment for assisted savings to reimburse debts and reach financial goals [disclaimer: an Anthemis portfolio company] to save money each time you spend money (you get charged extra on every purchase, money goes into savings), zero commitment credit card that can be started and stopped at any time
Smartest use of twitter ever
Twitter is useless. Well, not completely! These people found a great way to use it to study nature. Human genius in action.
Cool new stuff
The first anti-drone weapon
A smart LED light bulb that plays music.
Interesting events happening in French Switzerland
Tech4Dev (EPFL, 2-4 Mai 2016)
InnoCherche Switzerland (Vevey, 26 Oct 2015)
Nipconf (EPFL, 30 Oct 2015)
This week's link for parents, actually, for kids
Things you only know when both your parents are dead
“Those who can identify with their thoughts completely are immortal as long as their thoughts continue to circulate in the minds of others — like this thought in you. Thanks for reviving me, however briefly.”
Got time for one more thing?
I’m just started the process of completely revamping my personal website. I’d love your feedback on what you like from the current site (if anything), what you think is missing, if you find it represents who I am and what I do. Note: I prefer clear and direct feedback, and don’t mind brutally honest comments.
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